If the loss of certification was due to an unforeseen and catastrophic incident, certification reinstatement can be requested. Only requests for cycles that have lapsed for 24 months or less will be considered.

A complete reinstatement request will include the Certification Reinstatement Request Form, all required documentation, and payment of the non-refundable reinstatement fee. Please note, while continued education is a requirement for reinstatement those CEUs will not apply to any certification cycles. Additionally, if certification reinstatement is approved the certification cycle is not retroactive and will begin the day the request is approved. This will result in a gap in certification from the cycle end date to the reinstatement date.

Please note that if a certification cycle has lapsed for more than 2 years, reinstatement can not be granted and the candidate will need to begin the testing process again. If certification has lapsed for 6 months or less you are welcome to request a retroactive cycle extension. To submit this request please complete the application on the Certification Maintenance page.

For questions, please contact Certification at certification@rid.org or 703-838-0030, option 6.