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Preparing Interpreters for Tomorrow:

Report on a Study of Emerging Trends in Interpreting and

Implications for Interpreter Education


This report was prepared for the Rehabilitation Services Administration by:

  • Cathy Cogen, M.Ed., Center Director
  • Dennis Cokely, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

from the National Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts, and published January 2015.

Here’s a quote from the Executive Summary:

The field of interpreting is, in many ways, at a crossroads. Diminished program involvement with the Deaf community has impacted student language learning and cultural understanding. In addition, two-year degree programs are increasingly challenged to justify their existence in light of national certification requirements for a bachelors degree, and in general, programs are not producing ASL-fluent graduates. Many times the new interpreters’ ability to practice is sorely limited, and the gap between interpreter graduation and readiness to work has continued to grow. Interpreter education programs (IEP) provide little guidance for new graduates and there are few formal, structured post-graduation pathways for graduates to gain experience with minimal risk to themselves and their customers.

The full report is available at this link:

RID has agreed to provide space for this report, and additional articles will be forthcoming that highlight different aspects of this report.  This Page will serve as a central repository for all materials related to the report.

Ms. Cogen and Dr. Cokely also presented from this report at RIDNOLA15, last summer.  The presentation was drawn from the report.  You can watch the presentation (as part of a CEU-earning course, or for free) by following the links below:


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Emerging Trends in Interpreting and Implications for Interpreter Education

Cathy Cogen, Dennis Cokely
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The full report is available at this link:

Additional articles will be forthcoming, and will be posted on this page.