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RID Press is a professional publishing arm of RID. The mission of RID Press is to extend the reach and reputation of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) through the publication of scholarly, practical, artistic and educational materials that advance the learning and knowledge of the profession of interpreting. The Press seeks to reflect the mission of RID by publishing a wide range of works that promote recognition and respect for the language and culture of deaf people and the practitioners in the field.

As a part of RID’s strategic goals, we focus on providing interpreters with the educational tools they need to excel and succeed at their profession. One way we are able to accomplish this objective is through the publications, communications, and products we offer to members.

Benefits of Publishing with RID Press?

  • Peer review by some of the profession’s most respected interpreters
  • Professional editing, composition and printing
  • Built in target audience through RID’s membership
  • Extensive marketing and distribution efforts
  • Industry standard royalties
  • The prestige of having your work published by the Association that represents the interpreting profession



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