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The Affiliate Chapter Handbook, which has been prepared by the Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee (ACRC), serves as an excellent resource tool to assist affiliate chapters in developing and maintaining a functional and thriving chapter of RID.

You can either download the Affiliate Chapter Handbook as a whole document (300 pages) or in separate sections. See below for both options. All files are in the PDF format.

Affiliate Chapter Handbook: Complete Document, 300 pages, PDF file.

Affiliate Chapter Handbook – Sections

Section 1 – RID History: The Bridge to the Future 
A historical overview of the organization.

Section 2 – RID Structure: Where am “I” in RID? 
Explains the four-part organizational structure of RID and how each part interacts with each other.

Section 3 – RID CMP & ACET Handbook: Loving Lifelong Learning 
Guidelines for the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)

Section 4 – How to Coordinate and Host a Successful Workshop or How NOT to get lost in the details! 
Designed for individuals who coordinate and host workshops and other training activities for interpreters and interpreter educators.

Section 5 – Tools and Strategies for Conflict Management: I’m Okay, You’re Okay – How to be Different Together 
Conflict is inevitable. Ground rules can establish a safe and welcoming environment for people of different backgrounds and experiences.

Section 6 – Region Representative Responsibilities: What do they do anyway?
An overview of the responsibilities of region representatives: maintaining open communication and networking.

Section 7 – Regional and State Conference Guidelines: Don’t re-invent the wheel! 
Before deciding to hold a conference, consider the coordination efforts shared in this section.

Section 8 – Affiliation Requirements: You wanted it when? 
A checklist of what is required of affiliate chapters.

Section 9.1 – A Glimpse at Affiliate Chapter Board Service
Too often we dwell on what makes us different, but it is critical that our leaders remember our similarities and the common goal that keeps us together.

Section 9.2 – A Day in the Life of an Affiliate Chapter Officer: I have to do what? 
What holding a board position requires of an individual.

Section 10 – The Affiliate with Local Chapters: See How They Run
RID diversity in how affiliate chapters are structured.

Section 11 – Committees: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Guidelines for appointing and maintaining committees.

Section 12 – Inter-Organizational Agreement: Pooling our Resources 
Tips for resource sharing between affiliate chapters and local districts or with outside organizations.

Section 13 – Speakers Bureau: Tooting Your Own Horn 
Connecting with your community in an effective way.

Section 14 – Does Your Entire Membership Look the Same? How to Recruit and Retain a Diverse Membership
Recruitment is the life-blood of the association. As individuals are recruiting it is important to keep in mind the benefits of reaching out to diverse communities and cultures.

Section 15 – Recruiting Graduates of an Interpreting Program: Passing the Torch 
Developing a working relationship with the interpreter programs (IPs) within your area/state.

Section 16 – Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure/Bylaws: The Gavel Stops Here! 
Steps on how to run a meeting of any size.

Section 17 – Policy and Procedures Manual Suggestions: Odds & Ends 
While the bylaws of an organization tell you what to do, the Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) explains how to do it.

Section 18 – Nonprofit Corporation Status and Other Legal Related Issues: All Hoops and NO Loops!
Affiliate chapters may to be under RID’s nonprofit status or file for separate status.

Section 19 – Nonprofit Liability: Insurance and Bonding: Covering Your Assets

Section 20 – Fundraising and Grant Writing: Show Me the Money!
Where can affiliate chapters get money.

Section 21 – Utilizing the Political Process: It Really Does Work 
Outline of communication tools that are essential to functioning successfully in the legislative environment.

Section 22 – Charting Your Course: Defining Your Mission, Setting Goals
To be most effective, every organization needs a mission statement and clearly defined goals to help focus the energy of individuals and the organization as a whole.

Section 23 – NAD-RID State Cooperation Plan
This document provides suggestions and ideas on how the RID affiliate chapters and NAD state associations can work together.

Section 24 – Teambuilding for RID Affiliate Chapter Boards
For a board to function effectively as a team, it must first have a structure that fosters productivity, respect, support and enjoyment.

Section 25 – LEADERSHIP: Keeping It Alive, Well and Active!
Tips on how not to over-utilize and burn-out individuals with crucial leadership skills.

Section 26 – How do you spell RID?: RID’s Commonly Used Acronyms 
Provides the acronym for each affiliate chapter within RID.

Section 27 – Who Does What?: RID Organizational Structure
Ever wondered about the organizational structure of RID? This section provides an RID organization chart.

Section 28 – Trash it or Stash it: Essential Document Retention Guidelines
Provides guidelines on what documents to keep and for how long.

Section 29 – Successful Scribing: How to Take Effective Board/Committee Minutes
A competent record-keeper is indispensable to a board or committee. This section gives tips on how effective minute-taking as well as general guidelines for your record-keeper.

Section 30 – Open to All: How to Ensure Accessibility 
Are your meetings and events accessible to all indiviudals? This section includes checklists to help a chapter ensure that all events are accessible.

Section 31 – Bits & Bytes: Leveraging Internet Technologies to Facilitate Distance Meetings 
Explains the benefits and drawbacks to leveraging internet technologies to facilitate communication and meetings. A chart is provided on e-mail, instant messaging, internet chat, listserve and video conferencing and how to use each.

Section 32 – Planning a Retreat: A-Z
Make sure you achieve what you need to achieve. This section will help you get the most out of your retreats.

Resources – Resource List for Affiliate Chapters: Yours for the Taking
A list of resources for various areas of interest/need.