The Leadership Document Revision Committee will review RID’s leadership documents for the purpose of making recommendations, to the RID Board of Directors, of updates and ensuring that RID’s roots and values are present.


Co-Chair: Sue Graham
Co-Chair: Chris Rutledge
Board of Directors Liaison: Brenda Prudhom
RID Headquarters Liaison: 

Current Committee Members:

  • Chris Rutledge (co-chair)
  • Sue Graham (co-chair)
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Christina Stevens
  • Jean Parmir
  • Samantha Schein

Scope of Work:

For the term 2013-2015, the Leadership Document Revision Committee members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  1. To review RID’s leadership documents, including;
    1. Policies and Procedures Manual
    2. Volunteer Leadership Manual
    3. Board Primer
  2. To make recommendations on RID’s leadership documents to the RID Board of Directors.
  3. To work with the RID Bylaws Committee to review RID’s Bylaws to ensure that the leadership documents are in alignment.