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This is not an active committee. Region Representatives are to act in place of a committee.

The Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee (ACRC) advises the RID Board of Directors on issues relevant and related to the business of affiliate chapters.  The ACRC, through its efforts to strengthen the organizational ties among and between affiliate chapters and the national organization, focuses on affiliate chapter leadership and compliance initiatives.

pdf Download the Affiliate Chapter Handbook


Committee Chair:  Anne Lazenby
Board of Director Liaison: LaVona Andrew
RID Headquarters Liaison: Ryan Butts

Current committee members:

  • Kimberly Kelstone
  • Jo Westbury
  • Ali Blaylock
  • Bob Cacioppo
  • Billieanne McLellan
  • Michelle Wood
  • Windy Rossi

Scope of Work:

For the term 2011-2013, the ACRC members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  1. To review and update the AC Handbook for currency/accuracy/completion (updates, additions, deletions, flow of the chapters and overall consistency with RID Style Guide).
  2. To collaborate on the development of the ACRC Handbook – Treasurer’s Chapter with the AC Treasurer Handbook Task Force
  3. To research various methods of training AC leadership.
  4. To create an AC leadership training curriculum template.
  5. To be available to host or participate in a forum at national conferences.
  6. To serve as a resource for educational program development and content for RID publications.
  7. To address items referred to the committee by the board of directors.

See here for more details on the Organization and Structure of Volunteer Leadership Committees.