RID has a number of standing committees, whose members are appointed by the Board.

Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee: The Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee (ACRC) advises the RID Board of Directors on issues relevant and related to the business of affiliate chapters.  The ACRC, through its efforts to strengthen the organizational ties among and between affiliate chapters and the national organization, focuses on affiliate chapter leadership and compliance initiatives. (more…)

Audit Committee: The Audit Committee is to assist/advise the Board of Directors in the oversight of organizational planning, reporting and independent auditing of all matters related to organizational finances. (more…)

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the organization, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. (more…)

National Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee advises the RID Board of Directors and RID affiliate chapter organizations with regards to governing documents and decision-making. (more…)

Nominations Committee: Beginning with the last nominations period the RID Board determined to move the handling of the process to a committeeNominations for the positions of Region Representatives of the (more…).

PMGDS Committee: The RID Philosophy, Mission, Goals, Diversity Statement, and Strategic Priorities (PGMDS) Review Committee will review RID’s Vision, Mission, Diversity Statement and Strategic Priorities. (more…)

Professional Development Committee: The Professional Development Committee advises the RID Board of Directors and assists RID Headquarters in the oversight of the policies and standards for the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) and the Associate Continuing Education Tracking (ACET) program. (more…)

RID Certification Committee: The RID Certification Committee advises the RID Board of Directors by recommending policy and standards related to the RID certification exams. (more…)

RID Committees Frequently Asked Questions