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Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

General Information
703-838-0030 (voice)
571-257-3957 (Videophone)
703-838-0454 (fax)
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
333 Commerce Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Media Contact Information
All media and public relations inquires should be directed to:
Neal Tucker, Director of Member Services and Communications
703-838-0030 x 207 (Voice)
571-384-5097 (VP)

571-414-0021 (VP)

  • RID Press and publications
  • Copyright and reprinting information
  • Government and public relations
  • Advertising in VIEWS


Member Services
703-838-0030, option # (press # key) (voice)
571-384-5163 (VP)

  • Membership cards damaged, lost or not received
  • Membership status and payments
  • VIEWS delivery problems
  • Scholarship and awards questions
  • Requesting a membership list
  • Registering for the RID National Conference
  • You are an affiliate chapter leader or a member section leader


Professional Development
703-838-0030, option 7 (voice)

  • Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Associate Continuing Education Tracking (ACET) Program
  • CEU transcript
  • You are a CMP approved sponsor


Standards and Practices

703-838-0030, option 9 (voice)

571-414-0039 (VP)

  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Ethical Complaint Against an Interpreter
571-384-5849 (VP)

  • Interpreter Standards in the Federal Government
  • State licensure
  • Legislation
703-838-0030, option 5 & 6 (voice)

  • RID Certification process
  • Exam eligibility
  • Alternative Pathway/Educational Equivalency Application (EEA)
  • Certification reinstatement


RID Store
703-838-0030, ext 213
571-257-3957 (Videophone)

  • Ordering products and publications
  • Purchase orders
  • Checking an order status


571-384-4927 (VP)
571-384-5201 (VP)

  • Invoice and Credit Memo Questions
  • Accounts Payable

To find a staff member’s direct contact information please visit our Headquarters Staff page

Directions to RID Headquarters

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RID is located on Commerce Street off of Prince, between Peyton and West in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. The closest metro station is King Street (yellow and blue lines).

Paid parking lots are available in the area. Street and metered parking is limited to 2 hours.

Walking from the Metro
The RID office is about a five block walk from the closest Metro stop, King Street (yellow and blue line). When you exit the King Street Metro station, follow the diagonally-striped crosswalk through the parking lot. Cross the street, then turn left and continue down the sidewalk (on the right will be a restaurant’s patio). Cross Daingerfield, and then turn right. Cross Prince, and then turn left. Follow Prince until you get to Commerce, then turn a sharp right. The RID office will be about mid-way down Commerce on your right.

Cabs are also available from all parts of the DC Metro area, including at the King Street Metro station. Tell the driver you want to go to Commerce Street — off of Prince, between Peyton and West Street.