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June 2018 Member Spotlight! Shawn Merriman-Roberts

June 2018 Member Spotlight! Shawn Merriman-Roberts CI and CT Berkley, California Region V Why the passion to interpret? It is the whole process that interests me from the message (voice to sign, or sign to voice) to processing and delivering the meat of that message with all the nuances that are [...]

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Mobbing in the Workplace

Mobbing in the Workplace: Addressing Professionalism Among Professionals Working in Schools Serving Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students and How School Counselors and ASL Interpreters Can Advocate in Promoting a Culture of Zero Tolerance Introduction Everyone has the right to a workplace environment that is [...]

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May 2018 Member Spotlight! Michael Cain May 2018 Member Spotlight! Michael Cain Associate Member Loganville, GA Region II How Long Have You Been a Member of RID? Four years Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you’ve achieved as an interpreter. As a Deaf Interpreter, my favorite assignment is working on-call with Gwinnett County Police [...]

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