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September 2017 Member Spotlight: Caroline Preston Bass

Caroline Preston Bass Las Vegas, NV How long have you been a member of RID? I joined RID the minute I started interpreting in 1970! Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you've achieved as an interpreter. Establishing a successful interpreting agency, Preston Bass Interpreting Services; managing a fabulous team of interpreters at CSUN (worked there [...]

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June Certified Member Spotlight: Caroline Partin

    Name:┬áCaroline Partin Membership Type: ┬áCertified My favorite thing about being an interpreter is: The ability to bring two or more individuals together and they experience effective communication for those who might go unheard. Empowering with cross cultural mediation that brings understanding, and the ability to effectively make decisions for themselves. When the consumers [...]

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May Certified Member Spotlight: Judy Weakley

Name: Judy Weakley Membership Type:  Certified My favorite thing about being an interpreter is: The variety of settings our work takes us! In my interpreter survival kit I have: Water, Advil and tissues. If I weren't doing this I'd be...: traveling. My best piece of advice for new interpreters is: You will always be learning [...]

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