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CEO Final Candidates

At this time, the Board is requesting feedback on two candidates for the position of RID's Chief Executive Officer. Each candidate was requested to make a vlog in response to their background, motivation for applying to be RID’s CEO, and how their skills and personal traits suit them for this challenge. All current [...]

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Motion H and Region Rep Nominations Announcement

Motion H Vote CM2017.07: CEUs earned from online trainings be limited to 25% of the overall required total number of CEUs required to maintain certification. For specialist certifications, not more than 49% of CEUs for certification maintenance may be earned online.  Turnout: 4434 (43.7%) of 10144 electors voted in this ballot. Oppose: 4107 (92.6%) In Favor: 327 (7.4%) [...]

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MSRID Region II Conference Announcement

It is with deep disappointment that MSRID has announced they will not be hosting the 2018 Region II Conference, please see the official statements below for further explanation. 2018 Region II Affiliate Chapter Conferences! Alabama Conference June 7 - 9, 2018 Florida [...]

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The Search for RID’s CEO

Meet RID's two CEO finalist candidates here! Application Submission Period is Now Closed The Search for RID's CEO Hi, I’m Branton Stewart. I am a member of the CEO Search Committee for RID. Other members of the committee include Region I Representative LaTanya Jones and Secretary Joshua Pennise. We’re delighted to announce the [...]

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