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MSRID Region II Conference Announcement

It is with deep disappointment that MSRID has announced they will not be hosting the 2018 Region II Conference, please see the official statements below for further explanation.
MSRID 2018 Conference Statement
Region II 2018 Conference Statement

2018 Region II Affiliate Chapter Conferences!
Alabama Conference
June 7 – 9, 2018
Florida Conference
October 26-27, 2018
Georgia Conference
Fall 2019
*Conferences held […]

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The Search for RID’s CEO

CEO Job Description
FY18 Chief Executive Officer JD.(1)

Further Resources
The following resources will be helpful to you in reviewing the status of the organization, recent strategies and initiatives implemented at RID, and the current progress of RID’s mission to “advocate for best practices in interpreting, professional development for practitioners and for […]

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Region I Update


Hello! I’m Melvin Walker. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to inform you that we respect the recent decision of Region I Representative, Hartmut Teuber, as he has resigned from his position on the RID Board. We thank him for his hardwork and diligence over the many years he has served […]

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FTF Board Meeting Summary


SM: Hello! Vice President Maloney and Region V Representative Mish Ktejik here to provide you an update to the RID Board meeting that was held from November 2- 5, 2017 at RID Headquarters in Alexandria, VA. Although the meetings started on November 2nd, most of the Board arrived on November 1st to attend the NAD […]

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