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Brenda Sellers, CI and CT, NIC


Brenda Sellers received her B.S. in Interpreter Training from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, May of 2004.  She is currently a full-time staff interpreter for Tennessee School for the Deaf, where she enjoys interpreting in a wide variety of situations and other duties.   She continues to work a few hours as a Video Relay interpreter and occasionally freelance interpreting in the community.  

Brenda earned her CI and CT and NIC in January/February of 2009 after taking all three tests a week apart.  Brenda worked 7 years as a full time staff interpreter for a community agency and continues to do some freelance work for them.  After leaving that full time position several years ago, she worked 29 hours a week for Sorenson VRS.  

During college she was encouraged to apply to be support staff at the 2003 National RID conference in Chicago.  She LOVED that opportunity and was actually able to volunteer again as an unofficial assistant to the support staff leader in 2005 in San Antonio.  These opportunities gave her a little glimpse into the leadership roles and opportunities within RID.

Brenda has been involved in interpreting leadership since college (2002), starting as Student Representative in KY. She has served as the Vice President of Tennessee Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (TRID) and most recently as the President for TRID.

Brenda and her husband enjoy spending time with family and friends and their dog, Charlotte.  

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