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Defining the “Gap”

Revisiting: Defining the Nature of the “Gap” between Interpreter Education, Certification and Readiness-to-Work
Amanda R. Smith, M.A., CI and CT, NIC Master, SC:L, Ed:K-12, Oregon
Elisa M. Maroney, Ph. D., CI and CT, NIC, Ed:K-12, ASLTA Certified, Oregon

In 2010 (Maroney & Smith), we submitted our preliminary findings as we commenced on a journey to discover whether there […]

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Note From Uncle Dale

Note from Uncle Dale: The Last Word, or Let’s Go Swimming!
Dale Boam, CI

Hello Everyone! If we haven’t met yet I’m Uncle Dale from Uncle Dale’s Rules for Interpreters. Hi.  

This is my first submission in (what I hope to be) an ongoing series of articles for Views.  RID could not have chosen a better topic […]

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H.R. 620 Announcement


I am Neal Tucker, the Director of Member Services. 

Last week we sent our membership a VLOG by Howard Rosenblum, Executive Director of the NAD- National Association of the Deaf. The content of that vlog related to H.R. 620, The ADA Education and Reform Act.

Yesterday, RID signed onto a letter authored by CSD- Communication Services for […]

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Structure for Expanded Focus

Elijah Sow: Hello, I’m Elijah Sow, Deputy Director of RID.
Neal Tucker: I’m Neal Tucker, Director of Member Services
Bill Millios: I’m Bill Millios, Director of Communications.
NT: As your Director of Member Services, my focus will be on several things.  First, I’m responsible for Member Services in general, but I definitely want to improve your member benefits.  Second, […]

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