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A Standard of Inclusion

A Standard of Inclusion: Power, Privilege, and Oppression CEUs Lisa Weems, CI and CT, NIC Translated by Dr. Lisalee Egbert Since 2014, RID has been recovering from organizational crisis and seeking the most effective solutions in defining the organization's future. One of the primary concerns is membership engagement and the need for deliberate inclusion [...]

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A Case for Industry Disruption

A Case for Industry Disruption: How Social Entrepreneurship Can Create And Sustain Access at the Local Level Kathleen O'Regan, NIC Translated by: Rayni Plaster, CDI, SC:L Originally written by Kathleen O’Regan, this article was shared with the Civic Access team for collaboration in the editing process. A huge thank you to Calene Carrano and [...]

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Literature Sneak-Peek

Literature Sneak-Peek: Language Deprivation and Deaf Mental Health Neil Glickman, Ph.D. Wyatte Hall, Ph.D. In many respects, the process of interpreting between native users of signed and spoken languages is comparable to the process of interpreting between native users of foreign languages. It is well-known, however, that language skills among Deaf people are much [...]

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A Note from Uncle Dale

A Note from Uncle Dale: T-I-Ps for Work with IEPs Dale Boam, CI, Attorney at Law Years ago in my role as an attorney, a school district hired me to observe and evaluate its mainstreaming services for students who are Deaf... (I can tell this story because I produced a public document). The district [...]

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