board of directors meetingRID Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda:
March 20, 2018
6pm-9pm EST


**Meeting Link: Note: To view the meeting (open to the public), please contact Vice President Sandra Maloney at Our current meeting platform is limited to 25 people. If we have more than 25 requests then we will switch to a different platform.**


6:00pm- Call to Order– President Walker

6:15pm- Additions to the Agenda– President Walker

6:20pm- Meeting Minutes– Secretary Pennise- Decision

6:30pm- Board Reports- All- FYI/Update

6:40pm- Volunteer Leadership Updates– All- FYI/Update

6:50pm- Conferences- All- Update

Region 1 Conference

Region 2 Conference

Region 3 Conference

Region 4 Conference

Region 5 Conference

7:20pm- HQ Reports– President Walker (7:20pm)

View the PDF version of the March BOD Meeting Agenda here

The official business of the RID Board of Directors is documented in the minutes. Board meeting minutes are important legal documents of the association and represent the actions of the board. While many of the actions of the board are shared through RID’s communications tools, posting them on the Web site allows member and non-members alike to read them in their entirety. The secretary of the board takes the minutes and distributes them to the full board for approval before they are officially accepted. Once they are approved and accepted by the full board, they will be posted for the public to view. The motions and resolutions considered at each meeting are included in the text of those minutes.

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes:

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Mission and Vision Statements

What We Do – Mission: 

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf strives to advocate for best practices in interpreting, professional development for practitioners for the highest standards in the provision of interpreting services for diverse users of languages that are signed or spoken.

Our Desired Future – Vision:

By honoring its past and building a dynamic future, RID envisions a world where:

Linguistic rights are recognized as human rights;

  • The Deaf Community and the Deaf-Heart are vital and visible in every aspect of RID, the interpreting profession as a whole and among individual interpreters;

  • Interpreted interactions between and among individuals who use signed and spoken languages are as rich as direct communication;

  • The interpreting profession is formally recognized and is advanced by robust professional development, standards of conduct, and credentials.

Diversity Statement:

  • The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) understands the necessity of multicultural awareness and sensitivity.  Therefore, as an organization, we are committed to diversity both within the organization and within the profession of sign language interpreting.

  • Our commitment to diversity reflects and stems from our understanding of present and future needs of both our organization and the profession.  We recognize that in order to provide the best service as the national certifying body among signed and spoken language interpreters, we must draw from the widest variety of society with regards to diversity in order to provide support, equality of treatment, and respect among interpreters within the RID organization.