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Structure for Expanded Focus

Elijah Sow: Hello, I’m Elijah Sow, Deputy Director of RID.

Neal Tucker: I’m Neal Tucker, Director of Member Services

Bill Millios: I’m Bill Millios, Director of Communications.

NT: As your Director of Member Services, my focus will be on several things.  First, I’m responsible for Member Services in general, but I definitely want to improve your member benefits.  Second, I’m responsible for the Government Affairs Program (GAP), which includes policy and representation from RID on other coalitions that we have with other non-profit organizations.  

I will also focus on policy and advocacy, at both the Federal and state legislative levels. I am also responsible for support of RID’s Affiliate Chapters – the different state-level organizations.  It is my goal to offer them more support; we want them to become stronger.  RID has specific requirements from the IRS (as a non-profit organization) and as our state chapters, they also need to be in compliance with these requirements, so I will be working with them to support their efforts.

BM: The Director of Communications is also responsible for a number of things. First, it is my responsibility to support the different departments and groups within RID who communicate with the membership.  This includes supporting the Board, and their communications to you as members, and your communications as members to the Board.

As an example, we are now reviewing the strategic plan recommendations from the summer conference.  The review process is heavily dependent upon communications – with the membership, with Headquarters staff, and with the Board. I’m also responsible for RID’s publications.  This includes all the publications that RID offers – the books, the magazine (VIEWS), the Journal of Interpretation, the monthly E-news, as well as all the other routes of publications that RID utilizes – social media (including Facebook), and so forth.  There are a variety of communication avenues that the membership use to communicate with us, and with each other.

It is my goal, and the goal of those in the Communications Department, to provide better, more relevant communications to the membership.  We want more transparency.  We want more focused, useful content that benefits our membership. We also want to improve our support of the faculty in the various Interpreter Education Programs.  We also want to support their students as they enter the field.  We want to spotlight the research that is happening, and the achievements of our professionals.

ES: Here at RID, we brought in Bill as the new Director of Communications.  Neal has been the Director of both units – Communications and Member Services. Recently, the RID Board and Headquarters staff had the opportunity to review your recommendations from the strategic planning that was done last summer in Salt Lake City. As a result of that review, we came to the realization that we needed strong leadership in both areas (Communications and Member Services).  This resulted in us bringing Bill on board to focus on Communications, while Neal is able to expand his focus on Member Services.

We look forward to this collaboration, and to the opportunity to serve you better.

All: Bye!

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