Board of Directors Proposed Motion and Bylaws Comments

//Board of Directors Proposed Motion and Bylaws Comments

Board of Directors Proposed Motion and Bylaws Comments

RID Board of Directors’ comments on the following Proposed Motion and Amendment Bylaws: 

Proposed Conference Motion:

Motion name: CM2017.01



The Board agrees that instruction in ASL and involvement with the Deaf Community are critical components of a healthy education cycle.  However the board is opposed to this motion for many reason, including the disproportionate impact on interpreters in rural areas. Opportunities for earning CEUs can be infrequent to non-existent in many communities. For members living abroad, in American island territories, outside of the contiguous United States, and in isolated communities, this motion may result in a unique, extreme hardship.

It is unclear to the Board how this motion would achieve the goals of the stated rationale.  Workshops in person are often in spoken English and participants are frequently not engaged while many online opportunities are presented in ASL with live interaction required. In whichever setting, it is incumbent upon the member who is earning CEUs to conduct themselves with integrity and be invested in the learning process.

In addition, the Board feels it is important to note the fiscal impact stated is inaccurate.  Should this motion pass it will require a major database update.  The approximate cost of a change of this nature to the database would cost at least $10,000.  This is not within RID’s budget at this time.


Proposed Bylaw Amendments A-G:

The RID Board of Directors have no comments to submit at this time for the following motions:

Global Editorial Changes
Bylaws Referendum A

Gender Neutral Motion
Bylaws Referendum B

Article IX. Mail Referendum
Bylaws Referendum C

Standing Committees Motion
Bylaws Referendum D

Article XIII Changes
Bylaws Referendum E


Motion name: Motion to Amend Bylaws to Eliminate Ex Officio
Bylaws Referendum F

RID Board of Directors (BOD):

The Board believes it is important to evaluate position responsibilities and duties periodically.  However, after consultation with legal counsel the board is opposed to this motion.

RID’s counsel determined that the current composition of the board is in compliance with California code.  As the RID Bylaws are written, the immediate past president has no authority to manage the business of RID, but may serve in an advisory capacity. The Past President’s presence has no impact on the voting rights of the other members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors may accept or reject recommendations. The Past President, like others, may also serve on special assignments as assigned by the president.

Furthermore, it is the determination of RIDs counsel that the association is governed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This determination is based on a number of factors including that RID’s day to day operations occur in the Commonwealth of Virginia and RID’s taxes are submitted to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Additional analysis finds that contrary to the position stated in the motion, RID is in compliance with the laws of both California and Virginia.

The motion also calls for the immediate past president to serve on the Council of Elders.  However, to codify in the Bylaws the exact composition of members on the Council of Elders or any Council, is in conflict with the Association bylaws which grant the president the authority to appoint committee members. Additionally, including the immediate past president on this particular Council is contrary to its intent and spirit.

In addition to being legally admissible, the immediate past president is highly beneficial to the organization.  The past president conveys institutional knowledge and assists the president with becoming acquainted with and discharging their duty in their new role. The immediate past president ensures a smooth transition of leadership within the board and supports the Association’s continuing forward movement.


Motion name: Proposed Amendment to the RID Bylaws
Bylaws Referendum G

RID Board of Directors (BOD):

The Board fully supports enshrining in the bylaws our present commitment to our members and stakeholders.  The board values inclusion and diversity and encourages members to support this motion.

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