Membership Renewal FY 2018

///Membership Renewal FY 2018

Membership Renewal FY 2018



Each year on June 30, RID memberships expire and are up for renewal. The renewal period for Fiscal Year 2018 is now open.

You will notice the total amount due for your FY18 dues has not increased. However, if you review each of the fees, you will see a continued shift in the fees. Starting for FY 17, the RID Board approved the reconceptualization of the categories for membership dues and fees. The new structure is a redistribution of revenue and expenses to more accurately reflect the actual costs associated with RID’s programs and services. This reconceptualization of dues and fees works to align the services provided with a more accurate distribution of costs associated with operations.

Historically, RID has collected more revenue through membership dues than membership fees. However, there is more expense in operating the programs that are supported through the fees rather than the dues. As a result, our assessment of dues and fees has been out of sync with how we operate and do business.

As we explained  in 2016, we are continuing a gradual shift so the dues and fees are more representative of the true costs. You will notice a slight decrease in your membership dues and an equal shift in the fees associated with your membership (certification and standards fees and continuing education fees).

Renewing your membership is easy and has not changed since last year.  You can log in to your portal by visiting and using your member ID and your password.  Click the link that says Renew Your Membership, and you will see your renewal order waiting for you. See below for a video walk through:

Your RID renewal represents your dedication to your profession, the Deaf community, and your national network of colleagues. We look forward to working with you in upcoming year.

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