Transition Team Re-opens Executive Director Search

//Transition Team Re-opens Executive Director Search

Transition Team Re-opens Executive Director Search

Note new deadline: September 15th, 2016.



Hi, I’m Lewis Merkin, the Chair for the Transition Team.

I’m delighted to announce that we are re-opening the search for the next Executive Director of RID.  The application period is now open and will remain open until September 15, 2016.

You might remember that last year we initiated a search and then stopped the process. There is a video/post that explains the rationale behind this decision to pause our search here:

Since pausing our search, RID has had a very busy year and made much progress.

  • Testing has been separated from Certification.
  • Headquarters has been busy examining ways to improve efficiency, and they have become more fiscally stable.
  • The Board has made some decisions on the conference structure, that will result in savings for RID.
  • The Governance group of RID has been making consistent efforts to better involve the membership of RID.

These are some of the examples of progress that we’ve made recently. As such, the RID Board has reached a point where we feel comfortable re-opening the application for the Executive Director position, as well as have HQ be stable enough that the new Executive Director would not be overwhelmed. We now feel that RID is set up for success.

If you or someone you know are interested in the position of Executive Director, we encourage you to apply.  You can get more information from the Leadership Profile that is available on the TSNE website (link below). The application procedure is there as well.

Thank you, and we look forward to your application.

The Leadership Profile and Application process are here:

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