RID Wants … Your Historical Documents

//RID Wants … Your Historical Documents

RID Wants … Your Historical Documents



RID has a rich history! And it is full of the stories and work of the people who comprise our membership, yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is so much value in our history, we need to find ways to preserve it and share it.

One of the methods of preserving RID’s history is to save historical documents that may not have been previously published. It is for this reason that RID would like to preserve all of the RID Conference Proceedings and Program Books.

RID needs your help! In your boxes at home or in your offices, do you have copies of the RID Proceedings or Program Books from any of the RID Conventions or Conferences? Would you be willing to send those to the RID Headquarters? Once RID receives the books, they will be digitalized and placed on the RID website for all to access.

These program books and proceedings will be a wonderful way to preserve RID’s history. Can you imagine being able to look on the website and find any Program Book or RID Proceeding from all of the conferences and to have the opportunity to review the content that was presented 10, 20, 30 years ago?

As you finish up (or start) your spring cleaning this year, please look around for these program books and conference proceedings and send to:

Trey Gordon
Communications Specialist
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
333 Commerce Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Also, please make a note if you would like your program book sent back to you and RID will make that happen.

Thank you for your help in preserving the history of RID!!!!

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