Note to RID Certified Members Holding NAD III, NAD IV or NAD V Credentials

Starting with the renewal for FY 2017 (July 1, 2016-June 31, 2017) RID will no longer be collecting NAD dues from those individuals who hold NAD III, NAD IV, or NAD V credentials. NAD will collect NAD membership dues directly from those individuals.

Please be assured that this administrative change in dues collection in no way impacts the maintenance of these credentials. Those holding the NAD III, NAD IV, and NAD V credentials were embraced within the RID certification system, and they will continue to retain those credentials through the requirements set by RID.

To reiterate, all current holders of NAD III, IV, and V credentials will continue to be Certified members of RID and maintain their certification with RID. Certification holders are required to maintain their RID membership dues, complete their CMP requirements, and follow the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. RID Certified members who hold an NAD credential will no longer see the NAD product listed on their itemized renewal receipt. To renew your NAD membership, you will need to visit to do so. Any questions related to your NAD membership will need to be addressed by NAD staff.

Background Information:

In 2004, RID entered into an agreement with NAD for the inclusion of more than 2,000 NAD certified individuals into the RID certification system. Since then, as a demonstration of our collaborative partnership with NAD, RID HQ has collected the NAD dues on behalf of NAD through our renewal process at no administrative cost to NAD. On a quarterly basis, RID would send NAD the dues collected on its behalf, along with the necessary identifying information. NAD and RID each have determined that it would be best for NAD to collect its membership dues directly. This decision does not impact RID’s commitment to continuing recognition and support of NAD III, NAD IV, and NAD V credentials as part of the RID certification system.