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Volunteer Leadership Webinars
by Erica West Oyedele, Region V Representative

Hello. This is Erica West Oyedele, Rid Region 5 Representative. This vlog is related to the RID Board’s plan to increase engagement with the volunteer leadership of RID. We’ve recently received quite a bit of positive feedback from Affiliate Chapter Presidents, Council Chairs, Member Section Chairs, and Committee Chairs related to the series of five webinars offered by the Board in January 2016. In light of this feedback, we plan to offer quarterly events where we come together to engage the volunteer leaders of our organization. The next set of webinars will be in April, and we hope to announce the date in the very near future.

Each quarter, the Board will highlight a topic of relevance to RID and engage volunteer leaders in discussion and inquiry about the topic. In January, the webinar topic was the Testing and Certification Risk Assessment and the establishment of a testing LLC. The April topic will focus on decisions arising from the March 16-20 RID Board Meeting.

Another aspect of the April event will be to highlight the follow-up activities of several volunteer leaders as a result of the January webinar. We look forward to learning how volunteer leaders are using the information shared during these events to increase engagement with the members they interact with on a regular basis. We believe highlighting the work of volunteer leaders will provide examples and models from which others can benefit.

We hope these webinars provide more engagement among the volunteer leadership and provide our leaders with the resources they need to in turn engage their members. We look forward to this increased dialogue with volunteer leaders. Thanks to all the individuals who serve RID! Your work is central to our success! Thank you.


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