Board Meeting Update – December 17, 2015

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Board Meeting Update – December 17, 2015



Power and Privilege Day One

  • Matrix of Oppression
  • Activity: My intersectional Profile
  • Tomorrow will discuss Identity Development Models, what do the models have in common, where are we in individual development, and how understanding models can help with interacting with members and stakeholders. More Power and Privilege training tomorrow morning.


Financial Discussion

  • Board discussed the historic deficit spending approach and the implications of that approach.
  • Also  discussed what it could look like if we adapted to a zero base budget.
  • For more information about deficit spending approach, please refer to past Treasurer Wing Butlers vlog
  • Watch for more information from the Board on the association’s financials, especially as we prepare the annual report for release at the end of January.


Risk Assessment – facilitated by our Board consultant, Heather Harker

  • Discussed Feedback on the Risk Assessment from Deaf Advisory Council, Certification Committee and Council of Elders
  • Ongoing topic throughout the week
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