Board Meeting Update – December 16, 2015

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Board Meeting Update – December 16, 2015



Hello from the RID Board of Directors meeting on the beautiful and inspiring campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Did you know that in 1972, the RID offices were located on the Gallaudet campus? RID’s history is infused with moments of support and partnership with the community who rallied by our side to assure our success. These roots are an important reminder to this Board as we address the challenges and opportunities before us this week.

For every topic that the Board addresses, we always have our ongoing commitment to transparency at the forefront of our minds. And while much of the meeting this week has to be conducted in closed session, we want to provide you with a recap of the topics that were discussed during those sessions each day.

This commitment comes from the Boards Values – the 4Rs. Roots, Respect, Relevance and Results. If you want to learn more about the 4Rs as guiding values for the Board, please go to

So, while you  may not be able to be privy to the details of the discourse that happens in closed session, we do want to share with you the topics of discussion.

During the first day of meetings, when the board was in closed session, we discussed committee appointments. It was necessary to do so in closed session so that we could respect the confidentiality of individual applicants, openly discuss individuals’ abilities to meet the scopes of work for volunteer work, and dialogue about how individuals will be able to offer knowledge and skills to the work of the volunteer groups and the association as a whole in a relevant way.

Please expect that there will be a report from a Board member summarizing the topics for which we were in closed session to discuss.

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