RID’s Conference Structure and Offerings: How to Remain Relevant to the Profession
Anna Witter-Merithew, M.Ed.
Interim Executive Director

In consideration of the 2017 RID National Conference planning as well as the future of our conference structure, the RID Board of Directors has requested that RID Headquarters staff prepare a conference analysis, due to the board by the end of November. The focus of the report is to provide cost-effective options to the biennial meeting by seeking approaches that offer relevancy to the membership in professional development opportunities and enhanced participation in the business aspect of the organization.

Some areas of consideration for the analysis include the following:

  •         What meeting format options exist to allow more people to participate?
  •         How can we maximize participation in conducting the business of the association at the biennial meeting? What voting system should be utilized? What voting structure?
  •         What is the goal of our conference offerings and how can that goal be best achieved, by which approach, and with what financial impact?
  •         What is the cost benefit of one approach over another, both for attendees and the organization as a whole?
  •         With a plethora of options for continued education, what is RID’s role in professional development offerings? How are the RID conferences relevant to members? What is our niche area of offerings for the profession?

This analysis and review of the RID National Conference planning, and the subsequent review by the Board, will drive the planning approach for the RID biennial meeting for 2017 and beyond. More information about the analysis and outcomes resulting from the review by the RID Board of Directors will be shared as it becomes available.