New Region V Representative Selected

//New Region V Representative Selected

New Region V Representative Selected



Today I’d like to announce that the RID has selected the Region V representative.

You may remember that the previous Region V representative, Lavona Andrew, will be taking the role of member-at-large at the August Board meeting. Because the amount of time left to serve in her term is less than a year, the Board is tasked with appointing a successor.

The Board put out a call, announcing that the RV representative position was available. We also announced that we were looking for applications. The board received three names for consideration. We consulted with the three different councils – the Council of Elders, the Diversity Council, and the Deaf Advisory Council, and each offered their input. We also consulted with the AC Presidents in Region V, about their opinions.

The Board also personally interviewed the three candidates. Here is the slide of the names of the three candidates:

(slide states: Candidates: Priscilla Moyers, Jeremy Quiroga, Erica West Oyedele)

All three of these candidates are very good. The board was impressed with their experience, their knowledge, and their backgrounds. The Board would have benefitted from the contributions of any of these candidates.

After discussion, the Board has reached a decision, and has selected:

(slide states: New Region V Representative for the RID Board of Directors: Erica West Oyedele)

Congratulations to the new appointee, and we also want to express our thanks to the other two applicants, and encourage them to continue to participate in other leadership roles. The new appointee will be sworn in at this summer’s national conference.

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