Reputable Agencies Task Force (RATF) Report

///Reputable Agencies Task Force (RATF) Report

Reputable Agencies Task Force (RATF) Report

The Reputable Agencies Task Force was created by CM 2011.02, which states, RID research a mechanism for the identification of reputable agencies and organizations providing sign language interpretation services in community settings and report back to membership by the 2013 RID National Conference.

Current Reputable Agencies Task Force members:

  • Roger Kraft
  • Cris Eggers
  • Jody Nan Prysock
  • Paula McCluskey
  • Stephanie Feyne
  • David Scholl
  • Nancy Berlove
  • Elizabeth Bonni
  • Ryan Leon
  • Stephanie Green Nichols
  • Yoshiko Chino
  • Chris Wagner, NAD Rep
  • Howard Rosenblum, NAD Rep
  • Connie Herndon, Board Liaison
  • Julie Anne Schafer, Staff Liaison

The committee has now issued their report, in both English and ASL. The ASL version is to the right. The English version (as a PDF) of the written report is here.

You can learn more about the RATF here.

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