A Day in the Life at RID HQ – Episode 2 “The One with the Staff Meeting”

////A Day in the Life at RID HQ – Episode 2 “The One with the Staff Meeting”

A Day in the Life at RID HQ – Episode 2 “The One with the Staff Meeting”

coffee cup8:30 AM: Arrive at work. Check emails. Check voicemails. Drink coffee. It’s sort of a routine…

9 AM: Answer a few phone calls and emails. Start getting ready for the staff meeting. Paper? Check. Pen? Check. Water? Check. Sweater? Check. Sometimes the conference room is colder than a meat locker… Help Catherine set up bagels and fruit – staff meeting days mean we don’t have to bring a snack!

10 AM: Staff meeting time! Anna calls us to order.

  • First, the announcements.
    • This month’s change for change micro fundraiser is benefiting RID Cares. Change for change is an internal fundraiser we do each month to give back to the communities and organizations that are impacted, directly or indirectly, by our work. Other change for change recipients have included the American Associate for the Deaf-Blind, Cerebral Palsy and Deaf Organization, and Deaf Seniors of America.
    • Who has a special date this month? A birthday or a work anniversary? Happy birthday, Tina! Congratulations, Carol and Elijah!
    • Other announcements include some visitors to the office within the next couple weeks, as well as updates about ongoing headquarter-wide projects and activities. It’s going to be a busy summer!
  • Next, we hear updates from each department. This helps us all to know about what’s going on outside of our own office.
    • The advocacy department continues to work with the FCC on VRS reform.
    • The certification department has several ongoing projects that they are working on, including getting the Certification News page up and running on the new website! It will be very cool to see that information become available!
    • The communications department continues to work on the website and is doing a lot of advertising and promotional work for the upcoming conference.
    • The member services department continues wading through membership renewal season, as well as handling conference registrations. We also have a number of other cool projects going on, and are looking forward to them coming to fruition. It’s a busy time, but we seem to be keeping up! It’s never boring…!
    • The accounting department continues to do their thing and keep our finances all in order.
    • The professional development department has a couple of cool new things happening! The first is that once a CEU is entered in someone’s account, they get a notification about that! The second is a new form they’re trying out to try to streamline any CEU discrepancies. They have created and posted a new form for members who notice a discrepancy on their CEU transcript. This should be a big help!
    • On the operations side of things, the air conditioners were fixed JUST in time! In progress are some database improvements and some important building maintenance projects.
  • Let’s talk about the national conference in New Orleans! We’re so excited!! We have lots of people registered, and are anticipating lots more! The schedule is posted and the conference is inching closer and closer! There is still a lot to do, but Julie, our meecupcakestings manager, seems to have it under control.
  • And that’s all! Keep up the good work!

1:30 PM: Birthday and anniversary cake time! On the same day as our monthly staff meetings, we celebrate any birthdays and work anniversaries with cake! Sometimes Cassie bakes her fantastic cupcakes, which is always a treat. In the words of that famous French queen, “Let them eat cake!” (And we do…)

2 PM: Now that we’ve combatted afternoon slump with some light and fluffy sugary goodness, it’s back to work time. We are in the middle of renewal and conference registration season, so the rest of the day is spent answering phone calls and emails, doing any data entry necessary, as well as working on our other side projects.

4:30 PM: Where did the time go?! Today flew by! Time to file any paperwork and make any notes for myself for tomorrow.

5 PM: That’s all for today! Have a good evening, RID!

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