NAD-RID CPC Review Committee Report

//NAD-RID CPC Review Committee Report

NAD-RID CPC Review Committee Report

The NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) Review Committee is tasked with overseeing revisions and updates to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.

The current CPC Review Committee members are:

  • Steve Florio, NAD, Co-chair
  • Holly Nelson, RID, Co-chair
  • Benro Ogunyipe, NAD
  • Emmett Hassen, NAD
  • June McMahon, NAD
  • Regan Thibodeau, RID
  • Stephanie Jo Kent, RID
  • Tyler Reisnaur, RID

More details about the CPC Review Committee, including video introductions, can be found on the CPC Review Committee Page.

The committee has now issued their report, in both English and ASL.  The ASL version is to the right.  The English version (as a PDF) of the written report is here.

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