(No longer operating.  This is archival information.)

The Strategic Challenges Bylaws Review Task Force (SCBRTF) will advise the RID Board of Directors in a thorough review and make recommendations on Motions E – S from the 2007 RID Conference Business Meeting.

Chair: Dan Langholtz
Board of Directors Liaison: Rachel Coppelli
RID Headquarters Liaison: Tina Maggio

CONTACT: taskforcefeedback@rid.org

Task force members:

  • Daniel Lanholtz (Chair)
  • Jeremy Brunson
  • Tracey Frederick
  • Rachel Olson
  • Chris Prudhom
  • Margaret Ransom Cobb
  • James Van Manen
Scope of Work:
For the term 2009-2011, the Strategic Challenges Bylaws Review Task Force members are charged to complete the following tasks:
  • To gather member input on Motions E-S and related issues and provide the board of directors with recommendations.
  • To be available to host or participate in a forum at national conferences.
  • To address items referred to the committee by the board of directors.