Update 2013-2015 Term (November 15, 2013) – Join a Committee, Council, or Task Force

//Update 2013-2015 Term (November 15, 2013) – Join a Committee, Council, or Task Force

Update 2013-2015 Term (November 15, 2013) – Join a Committee, Council, or Task Force

UPDATE 2013-2015 Term (November 15, 2013)  

Message from RID Vice President Melvin Walker: Volunteer Leadership (November 15, 2013)>>
Signed Version>>
Calling all fearless leaders! Do you possess the knowledge to lead RID where it needs to go? Do you have time to commit to grow the profession? If so apply and let us follow you! RID’s volunteers are a vital element within the leadership structure of the association and play a crucial role in extending the reach of our strategic goals. Volunteers are charged with accomplishing specific tasks requested by the RID Board of Directors and staff and assist with meeting the needs of the organization and its membership.

Committees, councils and task forces focus on national level projects that work to grow the profession and report back to the board of directors. They guide programs, implement special initiatives, develop working papers, strengthen RID’s ties with key stakeholders and provide expertise and guidance in many areas.

RID’s volunteer leaders serve many purposes, including:

  • Acting as experts in their respective specialized areas by participating in RID’s planning process to identify, develop and make recommendations to address the highest priority issues for the industry.
  • Providing networking opportunities among peers by offering  forums for interaction and idea exchange, including fostering environments for interaction both online and during RID’s major events and participating in RID membership recruitment and retention activities.
  • Serving as a resource for educational program development and content for RID publications and to offer opportunities for professional growth and development as well as to provide mentoring to future leaders.
  • Assisting RID in achieving its overall goals.

RID volunteers are involved in carrying out the mission and strategic plan of the association. Below is a list of the volunteer groups which RID is currently seeking qualified members for service.




Are YOU interested in volunteering and sharing your knowledge and skills with RID?

To serve on any committee, a member must:

  • be a voting member in good standing (member of an affiliate chapter and a certified or associate member)
  • be willing to attend conference calls and face-to-face meetings each year
  • commit to attend the biennial national conference and pre-conference meetings of the committee
  • work cooperatively with other committee members and liaisons
  • be accessible to staff at RID Headquarters and the committee chair
  • have e-mail access and respond in a timely manner as the bulk of committee work is done via e-mail
  • be willing to commit to serving a full two-year term


  • A member-wide “Call for Volunteers” announcement is made, which is published in VIEWS and RID e-NEWS.
  • Interested members are asked to submit a copy of their resume and a letter of interest along with the 2011-2013 Volunteer Application (PDF).
  • The deadline for volunteer applications is August 15, 2011.
  • Appointments occur after the RID National Biennial Conference.
  • Volunteers are appointed by the RID President with the advice and consent of the board of directors.
  • Committee and council members serve a term of two years in length with a maximum of three consecutive terms.  Task Force members serve for the duration of the project.

In order to fully utilize each volunteer’s experience and expertise in meeting the ongoing needs of the organization, you must submit a letter of interest which provides RID with some information about you, your reason for applying and highlights the talents and skills that you would bring to this volunteer opportunity. You may provide the letter of interest in English or ASL.

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