Message from the President – November 5, 2013

//Message from the President – November 5, 2013

Message from the President – November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

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RID Colleagues and Friends,

As I sit down to compose this update, I find myself having a hard time pinpointing the work that I would like to highlight.  The board has been working hard to complete tasks that will set us in motion for an exciting term together.  In an attempt to respect the amount of time you have to dedicate to informational updates, I will try to keep this message short and to the point.

Before I provide you with my update, it is important that I offer thanks to Kirsi Grigg-Langdon.  Kirsi has been a wonderful language model and coach to me over the last few months.  Her dedication to allowing my personality to still come through has meant a great deal to me.  Thank you Kirsi!  I look forward to working with you moving forward!



Deaf Parented Member at Large Vote
Nov 15th.  If you haven’t voted please do so!  If you have voted, thank you and please continue to encourage others to vote as well.

Special Elections
Nominations period ends November 30, 2013.  Positions to be filled are Deaf Member at Large, Treasurer and Secretary.

Volunteer Leadership (Councils, Committees, Task Forces)
During the September 2013 face-to-face RID Board of Directors meeting, the board identified the volunteer leadership groups for this term.  We, the board, are currently creating a Roles and Responsibilities document for each group as well as the desired qualifications for persons to serve on each leadership group.  We are in the process of creating an announcement specific to this matter. Please watch for that to come soon.

Board Values
During the September 2013 face-to-face board meeting, the board spent time developing relationships and most importantly, identifying the values that we will honor while working together as a board. Those values are Roots, Respect, Relevance and Results (“Four Rs”).  We are in the process of creating an announcement specific to our “Four Rs,” please watch for that to come soon.

Voluntary Membership
The board is discussing this matter.  We are not yet at a place where we can clearly articulate our thinking on this matter to the membership.  Be assured, we are committed to ensuring that information is communicated in a clear and appropriate manner.  Members will not be asked to vote on this critical matter without sufficient time for dialogue and information sharing.


Inspirational Leadership

Recently I was asked who, outside of RID, I look up to as a leader.  My response is that I do not need to look outside of RID for leaders who inspire me.  I find myself, daily, noting people whom I admire as leaders within this organization.

We have leaders in the Student Member Section whom I admire for being willing to share their experiences and advocate for a stronger connection between long time interpreters and students.  I admire those member section leaders who give with open minds and open hearts.  I also admire those long time interpreters who receive the message and respond with open minds and open hearts. Through this interaction I am reminded to share my true self.

We have leaders working hard to resurrect the ITOC member section.  The hard work and dedication that I see being done through their efforts reminds me that we are a community who benefit from all members when we come together.

We have past presidents and past board members reaching out to offer their experience and support to the board.  For this, I am grateful.  We are a community of people who don’t simply walk away when our official term is complete.

We have current board members who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and perspectives to the table, and from each of them I find inspiration on a daily basis.

From every single member of this organization I find inspiration.  Some offer their inspiration in small ways while others do so on a grander scale.

My hope is to encourage us to recognize and celebrate the leaders we find within our organization, our field, and our community.

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