Message from the President – November 26, 2013

///Message from the President – November 26, 2013

Message from the President – November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013 – President’s Report

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RID Colleagues and Friends,

Prepare yourselves!  This update is lengthy because the RID Board of Directors, headquarters staff and volunteer leaders have been working hard these past few months.

RID Board Meetings

The RID Board of Directors meets monthly.  Meeting agendas and minutes, once approved, can be found at  The October Board meeting minutes, approved at the November 17th meeting, should be posted soon.

During the November Board meeting, several volunteer leaders were invited and able to attend.  We had representation from the Certification Committee, CDI Task Force, and Deaf Caucus.  I’m happy that these leaders were able to join and participate in the meeting.

Power and Privilege Training

The RID Board has received recommendations, most recently from Deaf Caucus but also previously from the Diversity Council and others, about the Board taking trainings regarding to matters of Power and Privilege.

Recognizing the importance of continued discussion and education of matters including equity and social justice, specifically as it relates to the Deaf Community and other minority constituencies, the board has agreed that this type of training of RID leadership is essential.

Starting Jan 1 2014, the board will take training.  Details of training will be determined based on discussions with various members, including Board Councils and Committees.  I feel, and the Board feels, this type of training and discussion is of utmost importance.  I encourage all members of RID to take similar training.

CDI Exam

The RID Board accepted recommendations from the certification committee, which included changes to the CDI Exam.  This motion to accept recommendations, 2013.18, occurred during the 15 July 2013 meeting.

After having received the letter from Deaf Caucus, the Board reached out to the CDI TF for further information.  Based on the information received, the Board agrees to uphold the 2013.18 decision.

The Board will work with the certification council and the CDI TF to develop an informational message to RID members.

The Board meeting is December 19, 2013.  Please watch for more information.

Review of 2013 Conference Motions

2013.02- DPMAL:
Results announced Monday November 25, 2013

2013.03- PMGDS Review Committee:
This motion requires the Board to establish a committee for the purpose of reviewing RID’s Philosophy, Mission, Goals, Diversity Statement and Strategic Priorities.  Of the seven (7) committee members, three (3) are appointed by the RID Board, and four (4) are nominated and voted upon by voting members.  We are currently in the nominations period.  Nominations period closes December 1, 2013.

2013.04- RID Certification Divest:
The motion was referred to the Certification Committee.  The Board is currently developing the Certification Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities.

2013.05- Required 20 hours Pro Bono Work:
The motion was referred to the Professional Development Committee.  The Board is currently developing the Professional Development Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities.

2013.06- CPC Review Committee:
The original motion, presented at conference, stated that the CPC Review Committee would be comprised of a total of 7 members, 3 appointed by Board and 4 by voting members.  The original motion included a nominations and election period, similar to the PMGDS Review Committee.  The original motion also included language that determined a nominations and elections period.

During the discussion period, the motion was amended and passed.  The motion, as amended, now states that the committee will be comprised of a total of 8 members, 4 from RID Board, 4 from NAD Board

It is the professional opinion of the Board of Directors, in consultation with the RID parliamentarian, that the amendments to the first paragraph render moot the words “…and the election period held between December 15, 2013 and January 25, 2014″ in the second paragraph. Thus, the four RID nominees, along with the four NAD nominees, will constitute this committee, and no election need be held.

The Board is working to determine appointees for RID representation.  Also, the Board is working with NAD to identify their appointees.

2013.07- Medical Specialty Exam:
The motion was referred to the certification committee.   The Board is currently developing the Certification Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities.

2013.08- Nominations and Election Committee:  The motion passed.  The Board is currently developing the Nominations and Election Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities.

Board Position Nominations: DMAL, Secretary, Treasurer

We are coming to the close of the nominations period for the three Board positions currently filled by interim representatives.  As of November 22nd, the positions of DMAL and Secretary are contested, an election will occur.   We have not yet received a complete nomination for the position of Treasurer.  Please consider running or encouraging your colleagues to run.

Board Position Nominations: Region Representative

We are approaching the nominations period for the five Region Representatives on the Board.  The nominations period opens January 1, 2014 and closes April 1, 2014.  Elections open May 1, 2014 and close June 1, 2014.

Volunteer Leadership

The Board is currently developing the Roles and Responsibilities for each Council, Committee and Task Force.  Please watch for more information.

Wisconsin RID- WISRID Fall Conference

I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the WISRID Conference.  Though having no formal responsibility, I was able to meet many wonderful people.  The theme was “Be a Part of a Team, Be a Part of a Community.”  Congratulations to WISRID, and the fall conference planning committee, for a successful conference.

Dawn Whitcher
RID President

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