The RID Board of Directors completes the interim appointment process. 
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September 12, 2013 —

The RID Board of Directors is excited to announce that we received a total of 13 applications. Three (3) of those applicants were determined to not meet the membership requirement. Those three (3) members were encouraged to continue their membership and run for a position at a later time.

The Board, led by myself, conducted ten (10) video-conference interviews.  Not all Board members were able to attend each of the interviews.  Because of this, and with permission of the candidate, the interview was recorded, allowing all board members to view the candidates’ interviews.

With the permission of all candidates, the list of all of those who applied and were qualified is as followed:

Deaf Member at Large (DMAL): 
Branton Stewart

Wing Butler
Sara Lucas

Randy Chapell
Daryl Crouse
Brenda Dencer
Caroline Preston Bass
Tammy Richards
Danette Steelman-Bridges
Jonathan Webb

As you can imagine, the board’s decision was not easy.  We, the board, hope that RID members join us in acknowledging the amazing persons presented before us and the qualities presented by each applicant.

The RID Board of Directors would like to announce the following persons as interim representatives, serving until the completion of the special election:

Deaf Member-at-Large: Branton Stewart

Treasurer: Wing Butler

Secretary: Jonathan Webb

The board looks forward to the addition of Branton, Wing and Jonathan, and looks to the fact that the addition of these members will assist this board in continuing the work of the organization.

Dawn Whitcher
RID President