RID Bylaws Committee Update on Executive Board Positions 
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May 20, 2013 — The recent nominations and current election have been conducted following the RID Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM). There were three Board positions for which qualified nominations were received by the deadline: two unopposed nominations (President and Member at Large), and one position for which two qualified nominations were received (Vice President). The current election for Vice President is following the procedures and deadlines described in the PPM. The PPM also says that the President casts the vote for the two non-contested positions. That procedure will also be followed.

There were also three positions for which no qualified nominations were received by the deadline (Secretary, Treasurer and Deaf Member at Large). Neither the Bylaws nor PPM address a situation for which no nominations are received for a specific position. However, since dates are specified in the PPM, then no further nominations will be accepted. Instead, those positions will be vacant when the 2013-15 Board takes office (at the end of conference or no later than September 1). At that time, the Bylaws requires a Special Election to be held since there will be more than one year of the terms remaining. The Bylaws require this special election to be held within six months of the vacancy occurring (so no later than March 1, 2014). The PPM specifies that nominations will be received until the last day of the third month after the announcement of the vacancy (so in this case, that should be until November 30), then voting will occur until the end of the fifth month (so January 31). While a specific time for the start of voting isn’t specified, the National Office should expect to provide at least one full month for voting (as in regular elections). A majority of the remaining directors can (but are not required to) vote to appoint people to fill the offices until the elections can occur.

Regarding the current vacancies on the 2011-13 Board of Directors (Member at Large and Deaf Member at Large), the Bylaws allow but do not require the Board to appoint members to fill those positions by a majority vote of the remaining directors.