SPECIAL ELECTION Update – February 10, 2014
RID announces the results of the recently held special election for the positions of Secretary and Deaf Member-at-Large on the RID Board of Directors.

View the signed video announcement from Dawn Whitcher, President; Melvin Walker, Vice President; and Shane Feldman, Executive Director>>

The following are the official results of the election:

For Secretary:
*Daryl Crouse 1243 (49.3%)
Jonathan Webb 785 (31.1%)
Caroline Bass 493 (19.6%)

For Deaf Member-at-Large:
*Priscilla Moyers 1436 (57.0%)
Branton Stewart 1085 (43.0%)

The voting process began on January 1, 2014, and concluded at 11:59pm EST, January 31, 2014.