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Executive Director Search Task Force

What is the Executive Director Search Task Force (EDTF)?  

Choosing a new association executive director is one of the most critical decisions that any organization can make. The Executive Director Search Task Force will assist the RID Board of Directors in ensuring the most appropriate executive is identified and chosen for RID.

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Task Force Members

Kelly Flores

Antonio Goodwin
Margaret Ransom Cobb
Melissa Draganac Hawk
Ben Hall
David Quinto-Pozos

Chris Grooms

Lindsey Walter

What is the Scope of Work?

For the term 2011-2013, the Executive Director Search Task Force (EDTF) members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  1. Review the RID Strategic Challenges and RID Strategic Plan

  2. Review articles and resources provided by the RID Board of Directors and the ED Search Consultant

  3. Participate in a comprehensive association assessment to determine the association’s strategic direction and the issues the association faces thus identifying the characteristics of the ideal candidate

  4. Based on the above assessment, develop a profile / position description identifying the key characteristics and skills required of the ideal ED candidate (Board of Directors to approve)

  5. Develop a timeline to complete the task force scope of work by June 30, 2012

  6. Develop an advertisement for the ED position

  7. Develop a press release and identify appropriate media to advertise the position

  8. Screen resumes and check references of candidates

  9. Conduct telephone interviews with top 6 – 8 candidates

  10. Recommend to the Board of Directors the final top 2 – 3 candidates to complete the interviews for final consideration.

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