Notice: RID has announced that a moratorium will be placed on new applications for CLIP-R Certification.  For more information about the moratorium, please see this FAQ.

Holders of this conditional permit have completed an RID-recognized training program designed for interpreters and transliterators who work in legal settings, and who are also deaf or hard-of-hearing. Holders of this conditional permit are recommended for a broad range of assignments in the legal setting. This credential has been available since 1991

Candidates are eligible for CLIP-R Certification if they are a current RID CDI or RSC Certified member, meet the experience requirements, have the proper letters of recommendation, and meet RID’s educational requirement.

CLIP-R Certification Requirement

*Please note no substitutions can be made to these requirements

  1. You must be a certified member, in good standing, holding either the RSC or CDI.
  2. Must meet RID’s current educational requirement of an Associate degree or an approved Educational Equivalency Application.
  3. Attach letters of recommendation from two RID certified interpreters in good standing. At least one letter must be from an SC:L certified interpreter. The other can be from a CI and CT, CSC, CDI, NIC, or NAD.
  4. Attach verification of at least 150 hours of training and/or mentoring as a legal interpreter. If you are unable to have all of your 150 hours in legal training or workshops, you must have a minimum of 120 hours of legal interpreter training and up to 30 hours of mentoring in a legal setting with an interpreter, in good standing, who holds either the SC:L or CLIP-R. Verification must be in the form of RID CEUS (preferred) or legal trainings, or workshops. A certificate of completion or letter from the trainer/presenter/mentor must indicate the date, location, and duration of the training/mentoring.

CLIP-R Paper Application

CLIP-R Application

*CLIP-R applicants will receive e-mail notification of processing approximately 2-4 weeks after RID receives the paper application.