The biennial membership business meeting will be held during the 2017 LEAD Together Conference.  This message includes important dates to note in preparation of the business meeting.

As has been done in the past, the business meeting will be conducted over two days.  The meetings will be held on Thursday July 20th at 5p-7p MDT and Sunday July 23rd at 8a-12p MDT

Motions must be received by certain dates to be considered and voted upon during conference.  Motions that impact the RID bylaws must be received 90 days prior to conference.  Motions that do not impact the bylaws must be received 60 days prior to conference.  Notification of motions will be presented to members via RID.  We’ll show those dates on a slide.

Dates for motions:

  • Motions that impact the bylaws- must be received by April 21st
  • Motions that do not impact the bylaws- must be received by May 19th
  • Motions received after May 19th are considered “from the floor”

Motions will be received and reviewed by the bylaws committee.  This year we have created a form for motions.  This will help streamline the process both for the motion makers and the bylaws committee.

To submit your motions please use this link:

Like previous years, we will collect opinions from various groups including the RID Board, headquarters and pertinent committees.  Opinions will be posted at least 30 days prior to conference.

Please note that you will be required to provide information in both ASL and English.

Send questions and inquiries to

Thank you.