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Member Sections 

RID’s Member Sections (MS) provide a relationship-building forum for RID members to share common interests, goals and concerns that are also consistent with RID’s mission and values.

As formally recognized groups of RID members, Member Sections can hold meetings at the biennial conference, regional conferences and other functions sponsored by RID or its affiliate chapters. Additionally, Member Sections frequently contribute articles to VIEWS, RID’s quarterly newsletter, to share their discussions with the entire membership.

Activities of Member Sections are determined and carried out by the MS leadership and its members, and not by RID Headquarters staff.

To join an RID Member Section, you must be an RID member.

If you are already a member, you can select the Member Sections you'd like to be a part of by clicking on "Manage Your Profile" after logging into your account.

Current Member Sections:

Deaf Caucus
Chair: Stephanie Clark
Vice-Chair: Regan Thibodeau
Secretary: Keri Ogrizovich
Region I Representative: Eileen Forestal
Region II Representative: Amy Peterson
Region III Representative: Pauline Ballentine
Region IV Representative: Fallon Brizendine
Region V Representative: Sandy McLennon
Past Chair, Shelley Herbold

Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings
Chair: Tiffany Harding
Vice-Chair: Megan Butler
Secretary: Ellen Olson
Region I Delegate: Lynne Kohler
Region II Delegate: Jody Upton
Region III Delegate: Donna Lawlor
Region IV Delegate: Alice "Jo" Brown
Region V Delegate: Angie O'Bleness

Interpreters in Legal and Court Settings

Chair: Elizabeth Mendoza
Vice Chair: Jennifer Flaggs 

Interpreters with Deaf Parents
Chair: Kelly Decker
Vice-Chair: Sue Nace
Treasurer: Darlene Ensenat 
Secretary: Karen Lefebvre

Interpreters for the Deaf-Blind
Chair:  Candace Steffen Strayer
Vice-Chair: Shannon Wright
Treasurer: Dawn Hankwitz
Region I Representative:  Kathy Anello
Region II Representative:  Michelle Pearson
Region III Representative:  Barbara Martin
Region IV Representative:  Vacant
Region V Representative:  Mala Poe

Interpreter Service Managers
Chair: Kathleen Pilus
Co-Chair: Stephanie Nichols
Co-Chair: David Scholls
Past Chair: Wendy Mogg

Interpreters and Transliterators of Color

Chair: Erica West Oyedele
Vice Chair: Stephanie Chao

Secretary/Treasurer: LaToya Childs
Region I Representative: Vacant
Region II Representative: Hijrah Hamid
Region III Representative: Vacant
Region IV Representative: Vacant
Region V Representative: Bob LoParo

Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Intersexed, Transgendered Interpreters/Transliterators
Chair: CM Hall
Vice-Chair: Dylan Geil
Region I Co-Representative: Nick Dionne
Region I Co-Representative: Ryan Kraft
Region II Co-Representative: Debbie Mandigo
Region II Co-Representative: Angela Johnson
Region III Representative: David Evans
Region IV Represenatie: Cody Francisco
Region V Co-Representative: Alonna Lamb
Region V Co-Representative: Bob LoParo

Video Interpreters
Chair: Judith A. Kroeger
Co-chair: Loycene Sollman
Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Iimori-Goldenberg
Region I Representative: Elizabeth LaFlamme Baker
Region II Representative: vacant
Region III Representative:  Amanda Forry 
Region IV Representative: Gretchen Whitney
Region V Representative: Norma Villegas

Interpreters in Healthcare
More information coming soon

Student Section

Chair:  Christina Stevens
Vice Chair: Ashley Butcher
Secretary: Lucy Brown

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