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As the national organization representing the interpreting profession, RID aims to provide its members with the benefits and services that demonstrate the association’s commitment to the growth of the profession as a whole as well as to each and every individual member.

Membership in RID is more than just benefits and conferences. It is being affiliated with the profession on a national level and having a direct connection to other interpreters.

Below is a list of member benefits (see below for list of organizational member benefits)

  • Subscription to VIEWS, RID’s quarterly newsletter, as well as monthly e-mail updates such as RID e-NEWS .
  • Eligible for reduced certification testing fees (associate, student or certified members only)
  • Journal of Interpretation (free for certified and associate members)
  • Discounts on all RID publications and products
  • Discounts on RID’s biennial conference registration
  • Voting privileges (certified and associate members only)
  • Leadership opportunities to help shape RID and the interpreting profession by serving on committees and task forces
  • Access to members’ only online benefits, including VIEWS online, a searchable article database, and a personal listing on the searchable database for interpreters

Access to the Following:

Information available on the Freelance Health Insurance Program 

 Insurance for Freelance Interpreters:
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Worker Compensation/ Workman Compensation Insurance 
 Insurance for Interpreter Agencies
  • Professional/ General Liability Insurance
  • Worker Compensation/ Workman Compensation Insurance
Contact Gary Meyer at 866.371.8830, e-mail: or go to:

Phone Service Benefits:


RID members can now receive waived activation fees and equipment discounts on new lines of service. Use the information below to take advantage of this great discount!  

Toll Free Number: 1-866-464-8662
Organization Name: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf - RID
Promotional Code: 13851TMOFAV

  • Car Insurance Opportunity:

Today, more than ever, it truly pays to be a member of RID.  GEICO and RID have worked together to bring you an exclusive savings opportunity on car insurance.  Contact GEICO today to receive your free quote.  New GEICO policyholders report average annual savings of $500 and you could save more when you mention your RID affiliation.  And once you’re a GEICO policyholder, you’ll receive prompt, professional service 24/7.  GEICO is also able to help you find great rates on homeowners, renters, umbrella and even motorcycle coverage.  Take advantage of your RID discount and find out how much GEICO could save you!

  •  Legal Shield:

Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with LegalShield, everyone can access it. No matter how traumatic. No matter how trivial. Whatever your situation, LegalShield is there to help. From real estate to divorce advice, identity theft and beyond, they have your rights covered. In addition to legal services, you can get the experts on your side with the Identity Theft Shield plan. Services include access to your credit report (or consumer credit disclosure), consultations, expert restoration and more. Welcome to total peace of mind. Welcome to LegalShield.

Organizational Member Benefits:

  • Listing on the RID on-line directory with a link to your website or your preferred email address
  • One complimentary individual membership – the individual must be a NEW member of RID 
  • Subscription to the quarterly VIEWS magazine and e-News
  • A plaque to display, along with plates for each year of membership
  • Member prices on RID products and publications purchased by the organization
  • Ten percent discount on advertising in the VIEWS
  • Discounts on exhibiting fees for RID biennial conferences
  • Discounts on conference registration fees and testing fees for up to three individuals per year
  • Discounts on job postings posted on the RID website
  • Professional/General Liability Insurance- DHH Insurance:
  • Worker Compensation/Workman Compensation Insurance -

When you receive your membership card in the mail, you will receive a letter with complete explanations and contact information for the various programs offered to RID members. Should you have further questions, please contact

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 838-0030

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