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CMP Sponsor Information

The Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) relies heavily on our Approved CMP Sponsors. They help maintain the integrity of the CMP and ensure that interpreters have ample and varied opportunities to learn, grow and further develop their skills. CMP Sponsors are subject to ongoing monitoring, including auditing, which ensures that their activities are of the highest quality and meet the needs of the program and the participants.

CMP Sponsor Applications Suspended

One of the tasks that the RID Board of Directors has given to the Professional Development Committee (PDC) is an initiative to “review the original goals and intentions of the CMP, review and evaluate all aspects of the current CMP to determine whether the program is succeeding in its mission, research policies and procedures currently practiced by other certification programs in the industry (including comparing recertification vs. continuing maintenance programs), and make recommendations for improving CMP policies and procedures.”

In order to allow the PDC to focus on executing these charges, RID will not accept new CMP Sponsor applications after June 30, 2010This suspension of the CMP Sponsor application process will remain in effect until the Board’s initiative has been fulfilled. 

Current CMP Sponsors will continue to process RID CEUs under the current CMP policies and procedures. If changes are made to the CMP upon completion of the review, CMP Sponsors will be fully informed of the changes with clear guidance.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Sponsor Responsibilities

Sponsors are responsible for:

  • Paying the yearly Sponsor fee.
    • Organizations pay $300
    • RID Affiliate Chapters pay $150
    • Individuals pay $125
  • Offering, endorsing and ensuring the quality and educational integrity of activities offered for RID CEUs. CMP Sponsors have the right to deny sponsorship of an activity if it lacks valid educational outcomes or measurable and observable learning objectives.
  • Ensuring that they and their agents avoid conflicts of interest, which includes a continuing education administrator monitoring his or her own Independent Study activities.
  • Maintaining membership in RID at the appropriate level for the duration of their Approved CMP Sponsor status.
  • Deciding if they want to charge a fee for processing RID CEUs.

Sponsor Benefits and Resources
  • A Yahoo group for sponsors where you can discuss situations, ask for opinions and give feedback with other sponsors.
  • Access to CMP Sponsor-only features when you log into your account, including online form submission.
  • The CMP Standards & Criteria  (pdf), which contains a detailed description of CMP policies.
  • Online listing in the RID searchable database of CMP Sponsors so that members can quickly and easily find a CMP Sponsor.
  • CMP Sponsors receive a quarterly complimentary copy of RID's newsletter, VIEWSand the annual publication, The Journal of Interpretation.

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