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Standard Practice Paper (SPP) Drafts

RID is currently seeking member feedback on three (3) draft Standard Practice Papers. Feedback will be collected through May 31, 2014. Please read the draft in full and provide your feedback to the appropriate email address provided for each paper.

The SPPs Currently Under Development:

Interpreting for the Performing Arts Standard Practice Paper (PDF)

Send Feedback to

Performing Arts SPP Task Force>>

Origin: C
onference Motion (CM)2011.05 "RID establish an ad hoc committee to develop a position paper addressing the role of interpreters in the specialized setting of performing arts."


Professional Sign Language Interpreting Agencies Standard Practice Paper (PDF)

Send Feedback to

Interpreter Services Managers (ISM) Member Section>>

OriginSelf-initiated within ISM member section. The ISM has been working on the SPP since 2007. 


Trilingual Standard Practice Paper (PDF)

Send feedback to:

Trilingual SPP Task Force>>

Conference Motion (CM)2011.09  - “That RID work, in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders, on the development of a standard practice paper for Trilingual (Spanish-English-ASL) Interpreting.”

History: The trilingual SPP was sent to RID HQ in June 2013.  The vetting process conducted to date includes review and comment by the following groups:

  • Mano a Mano Board of Directors
  • NCIEC Trilingual Task Force (12 members)
  • Approximately 10 trilingual experts

The Trilingual SPP used as its foundation, the effective practices work done by the NCIEC Trilingual Task Force, in specific the identified domains and competencies, which were based on:

  • Two surveys
  • 17 focus groups
  • “Numerous interviews”
  • Two conference presentations
  • The NCIEC domains and competencies document also underwent a formal  review by 10 expert readers.


Standard Practice Paper (SPP) Development Process

In 2007, the Professional Publications Committee: created a document titled “Standard Practice Paper Guidelines


1.  SPPs can be initiated in one of two ways:
      a. Members can identify the need for a new SPP via a motion at the business meeting or
      b. Volunteer Leaders or Member Sections can make a recommendation to the RID board for the                     development of a new and/or revised paper.

2.  The RID board assigns a committee/task force/member section to create the SPP.

3.  HQ provides the committee/task force/member section with the SPP guidelines, as developed by the Professional Publications Committee during the 2007 revision process of existing SPPs.

4.  A draft is submitted to HQ for review/edits which is then returned to the committee for approval.

5.  The draft SPP is shared with RID members for a 30 day comment period.

6.  All comments are given to the committee for edits.

7.  A  final document, based on member feedback  is created and shared with HQ for review/edits, which is then returned to the committee for approval.

8.  The final document is sent to RID members for a vote via electronic voting. The SPP voting process is open for 30 days and is decided by a majority vote.

View the current listing of RID approved Standard Practice Paper>>

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