What is the Transition Team?

The primary role of the Transition Team is to serve RID as a whole – and not to represent any one constituency – and steward the transition process. This includes understanding the critical strengths and opportunities facing RID; imagining the future of RID but also having a solid understanding of our roots; crafting a leadership profile that reflects these qualities and then, conducting the search. All of these attributes will be informed by input from members, staff and leaders throughout RID. Finally, the Transition Team will recommend finalists for the Executive Director position to the board for its consideration.

Contacts: transitionteam@rid.org 
Co-Chair: Lewis Merkin
Co-Chair: Connie Herndon

Current Transition Team Members:

  • Carol-lee Aquiline
  • Ryan Butts
  • Angie Nielsen
  • Margaret Ransom Cobb
  • Jeremy Quiroga
  • Melvin Walker

Recent Posts about the Transition Team:

Executive Director Search Update


Greetings to the membership.  As you know, the RID Board of Directors has been involved in an 18-month search for an Executive Director. The initial search began in the late spring of 2015 and did not yield a sufficient pool of applicants. At that time, RID was beginning to address the […]

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Executive Director Search

RID is currently searching for a new Executive Director.

The search is being led by Third Sector New England, and the Leadership profile and application information are here:



The most recent information on the re-opening of the search is here:

Transition Team Re-opens Executive Director Search


This effort is being led by the Transition Team, whose members are featured […]

Transition Team Update – Lewis Merkin on Search for RID Executive Director


Lewis Merkin, Transition Team co-chair here with an update on the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Executive Director search. At this time the RID board has made a decision to temporarily postpone the search. This decision is based on feedback from current and potential candidates who want to […]

Transition Team Announces the Opening of Applications for the Position of RID Executive Director

Message from the Transition Team:

Executive Director
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Location: Alexandria, VA

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) seeks a dynamic and accomplished Executive Director (ED) to lead a respected and effective membership organization whose mission is to advocate for best practices in interpreting, professional development for practitioners […]

Introducing the Transition Team

Lewis Merkin, Region 1 Representative, Co-chair

Connie Herndon, Region 4 Representative, Co-chair

Carol-lee Aquiline

Ryan Butts

Angie Nielsen

Jeremy Quiroga

Melvin Walker, Vice President