RID Board of Directors
2017 Nominations

The following nominations have been made for Board positions.

Where the positions are contested, there will be an election. Where there is only one nominee, it will not be necessary to vote.

President (uncontested)

Melvin Walker - Vice President

Melvin Walker, M.Ed, CRC, CI/CT, NAD V

Hello, my name is Melvin Walker and I am the current President of RID. I’m thrilled to continue serving as President for the next two years. I took some time to truly consider the pros and cons of running again or consider stepping aside so that someone else could lead our organization. One major factor that had to be considered was the time commitment. To serve as President requires a huge commitment and is equivalent to a full time job. One must consider their work, family and other commitments when considering volunteer leadership. If you are willing to step up and volunteer then you have already made a commitment to MAKE the time needed to serve. In considering all of this, I decided that I have been able to manage fairly well and find the time that is required. Also, we must remember that the Board as a whole is making this commitment and it’s not only up to me.

I feel that there are many projects that we have worked on as a Board and I would like to see these things to completion. We have worked to set RID up for success and are now strengthening the foundation so that we can last another 50 years. RID should continue to be a well respected and established organization for the profession of interpreting.

I thank you for your time and look forward to working with you all over the next two years.

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Vice President (contested)

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Brenda Dencer, NIC, CI/CT, CSC, SC:L

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Sandra Maloney headshot

Sandra Maloney, BEI-3, CI/CT, SC:L

Hello! I’m Sandra Maloney- candidate for RID Vice President.

I received my Bachelor degree in Interpreting from Northeastern University. This spring I will graduate with my Masters in Interpreting Studies from Western Oregon University.

I hold a Michigan BEI-3 (also called BEI Master), CI/CT, and SC:L. I have been an interpreter and RID member for 16 years.

I serve as the current Region III Representative on the RID Board of Directors. I have held this position since 2014. My role as Region Representative leads me into why I am running for Vice President and why I am qualified for the position.

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Secretary (uncontested)

Josh Pennise, Secretary

 Joshua Pennise, MA, CI and CT, NIC Advanced

I’m Joshua Pennise, your current RID secretary and I am running for re-election to the 2017-2019 board term. I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a grassroots ASL user and interpreter. When I was young, I met Deaf people who brought me into their world and taught me their language. I also met interpreters who mentored me into the profession. I was certified by RID when I was eighteen and started my career as a freelance and academic interpreter. I moved into coordinating interpreting services at a school for the Deaf, and later joined Sorenson Communications as a manager. I’ve spent the last eleven years working in various management  positions at Sorenson, including my present role as the national director of its community interpreting program.

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Treasurer (contested)

Carolyn Ball headshot

Carolyn Ball, PhD, CI, CT

Hi my name is Dr. Carolyn Ball and I am running to be the Treasurer of RID.

Today I want to explain the three reasons that I want this position.

For the past 23 years, I have been a member of RID. I have been able to be involved on committee’s and attend the national conferences. One of the most important things to me is the history of our organization. Because I have been able to study the history of RID and to interview many of the original members of RID I feel a deep responsibility to ensure that our roots are not lost. There have been many things that have changed since 1964 when RID began. Of course things need to be different than they were but I want to ensure that we do not forget our past and that we continue to remember and honor the philosophy and heritage that established RID in the first place. That we look back and look forward and connect the information so that we keep our roots.

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Daryl Crouse for RID Treasurer

Daryl Crouse, Esq., CI, CT

My name is Daryl Crouse, an active RID member for 25 years. I received the Certificate of Interpretation in 1995 and Certificate Transliteration in 1996. I previously owned an interpreting agency for over 12 years. Over the last 25 years, I volunteered in various roles with every local and state affiliate chapter where I lived. Currently, I am a licensed California attorney, though I still interpret because I enjoy the work we do and always will.

I want to serve as Treasurer because I believe in transparency. While RID has made strides to improve transparency, there is still a lot more to do. The past few years emphasized communication with members, however, that is one way. Another approach we could benefit from is conversational leadership where engagement, dialogue, brainstorming and consensus are at the forefront. I also believe RID can be more accountable for decisions that impact our communities.

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Member-at-Large (contested)

Shonna Magee headshot

Shonna M. Magee, B.S., NIC: Master, CI, CT, OTC

Hello! My name is Shonna Magee and I’m a certified interpreter from Region 2. I only have 4 short minutes to tell you everything regarding my goals for the RID MAL position. If you would like more in-depth information, please take a look at my Facebook group and join: Shonna Magee for RID Member-At-Large. I’ll post more videos there.

So who am I? Well, I’ve been an interpreter for around 20 years and have had many different roles and responsibilities within the profession. I’ve been a workshop presenter, college professor, I’ve traveled to present at conferences, I’ve been a mentor, and the list goes on. I’ve had many different roles but they’ve always been in the form of service. Right now I’m the State Coordinator at South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Len Roberson headshot

Len Roberson, Ph.D., SC:L, CI, CT

Hello!  My name is Dr. Len Roberson and I am running for the RID Member at Large (MAL) position on the RID Board of Directors.  I think this is an exciting position because according to the bylaws this position is responsible for helping to communicate with the members of the organization and to coordinate various activities. I’m from Florida which means I am from region two. I really enjoy serving, volunteering and providing my time and skills and experience in volunteer leadership. Over the years I have had a variety of experiences serving with organizations.  I have been an interpreter for more than 25 years and I am also a professor at a university and I am a researcher and published author as well. I enjoy the variety of perspectives that my experience has provided me in the past.

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Deaf Member-at-Large (contested)

pauline ballentine headshot

Pauline Ballentine, M.A., CDI

Hello my name is Pauline Ballentine I’m running for the DMAL Deaf Member at Large position; I am in from Minnesota, region three.

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am – I am Deaf from birth, both my parents and my children are also Deaf, there are three generations of Deafness in my family. I grew up being very active as an “interpreter,” often times my parents would receive a letter that was challenging to understand and I would explain the meaning of the letter – I would interpret it to them. Educationally, I attended a mainstream program and often times I would interpret for my classmates when things were unclear. Later in life, became the chair of the interpreting department at North Central University.

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Branton Stewart

Branton Stewart, CDI & CLIP-R (15 years certified)

Bachelor’s degree in Government & minored in Business Administration at Gallaudet University

My experience includes involvement with volunteer positions in both NAD and RID. Some positions held are; four years as the Vice chairperson for the Deaf Caucus under RID, the NAD delegate for GA and NY during four NAD conventions, President of Empire State Association of the Deaf, and involvement with several organizations in Atlanta, NYC, Rochester and Southern California which primarily focused on issues to help improve the quality of communication for the Deaf Interpreting, Interpreter and Deaf communities. I was appointed for interim RID Board of Directors in fall 2013. I am currently chairperson for Deaf Advisory Council (DAC) for RID for 3rd terms.

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